StanHacks 2

42 hours. April 24-26th, 2020. Fully Online (Headquartered in Turlock, CA). Sign Up


COVID-19 Disclaimer

By registering and participating in this online-only event, you agree that StanHacks, CSU Stanislaus, DSC of Stanislaus State, or any related entities are not responsible if you catch COVID-19 before, during, or after our event. Please be safe and responsible when participating in our online event.

We are following the CSU Stanislaus code of conduct

You can read it here: CSU Stan Code of Conduct. Because of this, we are also not allowing any unethical hacks, which include software or hardware that can disable a computer, or network; as well ass software/hardware that is able to This is a policy that comes from the University, and is non-flexible. If you are unsure if your project meets this criteria, feel free to ask us about it and we'll let you know! If it does, we'll offer some alternatives that you can work on.

Will I survive if I don't have a lot of coding experience?

We welcome folks from all backgrounds and skill levels. You'll have the chance to learn new skills through our weekly Code Nights as well as workshops during the event.

What do I need to build?

You can build anything you want! Anything from a webapp, to mobile apps, to ML/AI, to drones, to solutions built in the cloud, There are very few limitations. As long as it does not go against University Code of Conduct.

What are the three main tracks? How strictly do I have to follow them?

Social Good, Creativity, and Education. What you do within these tracks is up to you, whether you do AgTech, FinTech, EdTech, or just plain old tech, as long as it fits within one of the three tracks you're good to go!

How will the 24 hour event work?

We'll start at 11am on April 25th. On April 26th, we'll end at 2pm.

Where can I contact you for further questions? or


Get ready for two days of building, learning, and networking!

8:00 AM


Stay Tuned!