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Welcome To StanHacks

Officially established in 2019, StanHacks is Stan State's first and only hackathon. StanHacks was originally hosted in December of 2017, however it was hosted off-campus under the name "StanHack"

In April of 2019, the first on-campus StanHacks was hosted in the Stan State Faculty Development Center and proved to be a successful event. We also hosted the second ever hackathon at Stan State under the name "DevFest" with GDG Cloud Turlock.

With the momentum of StanHacks 2019 we are trying to make the 2020 event even bigger!

StanHacks 2019
What's new in 2020?

We'll be expanding the Hackathon to 24 hours. Whether by having two events over the weekend or an overnight event (currently the decision is pending).

There is more stuff on the way that we are working on in the background. We'll update you here or on Instagram

Our Team


Austin White


Microsoft Student Partner, GDG Organizer, and DSC Lead. Web/Mobile Developer (Front-end)


Avelardo Valdez

Vice President

DSC at Stan VP, Web and App Developer for ASI.


Jasmin Cornejo

Event Coordinator

DSC at Stan Event Coordinator.


Sam Ruiz

Sponsor Relations

DSC at Stan Treasurer, Intern at Novo Technologies.


Jeffrey Cosio


DSC at Stan's Secretary.


Autumn Pinkney

Core Team Member

DSC at Stan Core Team Member